GUEST TICKET to Indulge Woodlands Wine Club Gold Level

GUEST TICKET to Indulge Woodlands Wine Club Gold Level

  • $50.00

Not sure about membership?

Come attend as a Guest and see what it is like!

This ticket allows you to attend the Wine Club Gold Level pickup event.

You will not receive the two wines to take home as listed below but will be able to purchase the featured wines at a discount.

Taste the selected wines for this month with a presentation from the Winery or distributor explaining the wines, grape virials, tasting highlights and pairing suggestions.  The wine club members are as varied as the wine you will be tasting, they come from all backgrounds and have interest and expertise in some things you have yet to hear of. We have lots of fun at these events, it is the people that attend that make it so exceptional.

Gold Level

Included each month with your two bottles of specially selected wine will be informative notes describing the winery's profile and food pairing notes for each bottle. You can customize your membership to suit your taste by choosing White wines, Red wines, or a mix of each and of course Bubbles. You will receive exclusive invitations to special Tastings, meet the wine maker, chef-selected pairing events, complimentary admission to Passport wine tasting events on the second Thursday of the month at Dannini (8008 Ashlane Way The Woodlands) We also Host events for Wine club members only.

Gold Level

Two specially selected wines each month

10% off wine purchases

Wine profile and Paring notes

Complimentary wine tasting events each month